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Your complete guide to photography

a full day workshop in Phoenix, Arizona
2 hours of studio time at Ustudios ($70 value)
Personal portfolio review ($100 value)

Date: Saturday, December 9th
Time: 11am – 6pm
Location: Ustudios 
734 W Polk
Phoenix, AZ 85007


Do you struggle to understand how to shoot in manual?  Do you wish you could be a better natural light photographer and create those creamy portraits for clients? Do you have clients who want to shoot at 12 noon in the bright sun and wish you knew how to create great images in harsh lighting? Are you a natural light photographer and struggle when you are asked to shoot indoors in a darkened space? 


Before turning pro, I use to struggle with these issues and more. I would look at other photographers online and wish I could shoot half as well as they could.  I was envious of great images that others were shooting while I only seemed to struggle over and over again. 

After years of workshops and personal investment in coaching, I now shoot as a full-time portrait and fashion photographer in Arizona, won Phoenix photographer of the Year and manage a large studio in the heart of Phoenix. I invested in my training and it’s paid off extremely well.


I want to show you the techniques that can improve your images in just one day.

This comprehensive, hands-on workshop is for beginners and intermediate photographers who want to take control of their camera, take better images and learn the basics of making money with photography.  Even if you have little or no experience, this class will cover all the necessary basics to get you shooting better images within a day.

Who is this workshop for?

This in-depth workshop is for anyone who is passionate about photography.  This is for new, hobbyist and intermediate photographers. Semi-pro and professional photographers may find better value in one of my advanced workshops.

This is not like most photography classes, which only focus on a narrow subject, technique or genre. This is an A-Z workshop that will take you through the basics of  how to take better images, what equipment to consider purchasing, editing and how to start making money with your photography.

The techniques you will learn will apply to a variety of photography genres. So whether you like to shoot people, animals, nature or events, you will benefit from this workshop.

What will you learn?
  • You will improve your photos and learn simple ways to make them stand out
  • You will learn how how to improve your images with better composition
  • You will learn how to use available light and manipulate it to create flattering images
  • You will stop guessing how your camera works and learn to shoot in manual
  • You will learn how to edit like a professional using lightroom and photoshop
  • You will learn how to shoot in any setting: outdoors, indoors, bright light and low light
  • You will learn what gear you need to shoot the type of images you want
  • You will learn how to create a stunning online portfolio
  • You will learn how to start making money with your photography
  • You will learn what your next steps should be as you continue to improve
  • You will learn the terminology used in photography
What’s included?
  • Lunch
  • A screen calibration for the computer you bring.
  • Handouts
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion
What are my requirements to participate?
  • Have a strong desire to improve your skills
  • A DSLR or mirrorless camera.  
  • A laptop with editing software for the editing portion of the workshop. We will be using photoshop and lightroom. I will show you how to get a free trial before the class if you do not have these programs. You will also be introduced to some free programs.
What do I need to bring?
  • Your DSLR or mirrorless camera
  • Laptop or easily portable desktop for the editing portion
  • Photoshop/Lightroom installed. Trial versions available if you do not own either program.
  • Clean SD or Compact flash card
  • Tripod or monopod if you have one. Don’t worry if you don’t.
  • A way to take notes
Contents and Overview:

You will begin by learning the basics and getting more familiar with your camera settings. You’ll learn the differences in camera equipment and lenses. You will then get an overview of the different genres of photography and how to shoot more of what you love.
You will learn how to take your camera out of automatic mode and how to shoot in manual. This will help you take better control of your camera so you can take better photos in the style you want.

You will learn how to stabilize your camera, how to compose your shots and how to manipulate natural light in ways that will improve your images.

You will learn how to edit your photos like a pro using photoshop and lightroom.

You will then learn how to create an effective portfolio and best practices for showcasing your work online.

We will cover copyright law and basic licensing. You will also learn what the foundation for a healthy photography business looks like and how to start building one for yourself.

By the end of the day you will be taking better images and have more confidence in your ability as a photographer. You will understand your gear. You will also have a guideline to follow when considering new purchases and upgrades.  And finally, you will know what steps you should take next as you develop your style, grow your skills and begin to earn an income as a photographer.

About the instructor:

Shane Baker started photography in 2012. In 2013 he was named the Phoenix Photographer of the Year. In 2015 he began shooting as a full-time professional. He is the founder of the only team based group for Arizona photographers, models, makeup artists, stylist and designers and he is now the Director and Resident Photographer of Ustudios, a 10,000 square foot creative space in downtown Phoenix.

Shane Baker Studios is an award winning photographer based in Chandler, Arizona. His work includes portrait, fashion, bridal, wedding, real estate and small business branding.