My name is Shane Baker. In 2012 I traded an iPad for a camera. A year and a half later I won Phoenix Photographer of the Year. In 2015 I was the CEO of a Keller Williams brokerage in Chandler. That year we sold over $260 million in real estate. It’s also the year I left corporate America and chose to become a full-time professional photographer. 

My client is the Woman who vibrates with the same energy that creates our Universe. The Man filled with ambition that will change our World. The Artist with vision that will give us a new Perspective. The Model with the look that will one day capture our Imaginations. 

You are the individuals and entrepreneurs who stand out, whether quietly or publicly.  You want to be seen as different because you are different. You have your own story. Your own bold ideas. And you want a photographer who creates images as bold, dramatic and energetic as your vision.

We are alike. You and I. We want to be our best. We can’t stand the thought of living small, average lives. We take chances. When we fail we don’t collapse. We adapt and quickly make our next move. And most importantly,  we stopped waiting for the permission of others, to build our dreams. 

 My name is Shane Baker. You are Incredible and I am your Photographer. 

“It’s more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”

-Alfred Eisenstaedt

What My Clients Say

  • Amazing! Customer Service at it’s best!!
    Shane Baker Studios will be my first pick when looking for an amazing photographer! He is an expert at what he does. Not only capturing amazing images but capturing the feel of the event or in our case wedding. He made my client experience fun and added great energy to those around. I look forward to working with him and his team in the future! Customer service is extremely important for me and he provided A++ service!!!

    Toni Garcia
  • Shane is a passionate photographer that works hard for his clients to output the best possible product. I did a full day shoot with him for a baseball training manual that I am working on putting together, and the experience was great and the photos I chose turned out great as well. He has shown true interest in the success of my project, and he has been a great asset for me during this endeavor of mine! Keep hustling Shane and thanks for your work.

    Isaac Hess
  • Shane is simply brilliant!
    I am shy and never even thought of using a professional photographer.
    Shane has produced amazing videos and photos of me that have helped re-brand my entire online image!
    It is so much fun, I would use his services even if they didn’t make me money, but they do.
    One of the best decisions I have made all year!

    Dave Streen, Owner of Edgy Tools
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