woman in a bikini

Swimwear Photoshoot

woman in bikini on the sand on the ocean.
woman in a bikini walking on the beach
woman in a bikini

Took a little trip to LA to shoot MichiBikini’s and Alexa Stone’s designs.

Alexa opened up her home for us for hair and makeup before we hit the beach. The weather was cloudy and cold but you know I love drama in an image so I didn’t mind.

My favorite LA makeup artist Aly Ladanyi joined us to complete the team.

Shooting swimwear has it’s own set of challenges. You are paying attention to the designs and making sure they are prominently featured but you are also constantly making micro adjustments to make sure the model looks her best as well.

Every women’s body is unique. Aside from her shape, her personality and energy also play a big part in what angles work well for her.

If you take two similar body types but one model is naturally withdrawn and self conscience she will give you different movements than someone who is confident in her skin and has a more liberated sense of self.

My goal is to create the mental space that allows her to breath deep, clear her mind and find her natural rhythm. It’s a challenge to do this in regular wardrobe and it’s magnified significantly when you are shooting bikini and lingerie.

I believe it’s important to actually “see” the person in front of your camera. Once you understand their energy you can then guide it.

Model: Jill Melchin

HMUA: Aly Ladanyi

Swimwear: Michi Bikinis

Designer: Alexa Stone