As a full-time photographer since 2015, I’ve discovered that styled portrait sessions are not just a creative outlet—they’re a powerful tool for business growth and skill enhancement. Now, I’m excited to share my expertise with you in a comprehensive two-day workshop.

Join me for a deep dive into the world of styled portrait photography, where you’ll learn how to create and leverage these sessions to thrive as both an artist and a business owner. From pre-shoot planning to on-set techniques and post-shoot marketing strategies, this workshop series is your roadmap to transforming your photography skills and propelling your business to new heights.

No matter where you are in your photography journey, this workshop has something valuable to offer for photographers who want to improve their portrait work.

This workshop will guide you through the three parts of a styled shoot:
1. Pre-shoot planning
2. The shoot
3. Post-shoot retouching + marketing

What You’ll Learn:

Part I: Pre-Shoot Preparation

  • Unlock the Power of Pre-Shoot Planning: Discover how to leverage the upcoming shoot to market your business, attract ideal clients, and find the perfect collaborators.
  • Finding Your Vision: Learn how to define your style, vision, and brand identity to create compelling portraits that stand out in a crowded market.

Part II: On-Set Mastery

  • Step on set: Learn essential techniques for lighting, posing models, directing subjects, and capturing stunning portraits that push your portfolio to the next level.
  • Expert Guidance: Receive personalized instruction and feedback to help refine your skills and confidence behind the camera.

Part III: Post-Shoot Perfection

  • The Art of Retouching: Learn some simple advanced retouching techniques to enhance your images and create polished, professional portraits.
  • Marketing Your Masterpieces: Discover proven strategies for leveraging your images to attract clients, grow your online presence, and elevate your photography business.
shane baker studios portrait

The Schedule

Day 1: Virtual

May 10th
6pm – Welcome
6:30 – Portfolio Reviews
7pm – Preshoot overview
8pm – Day 1 end

Day 2: In-Person

May 11th
10am – Welcome
10:30am – Styled Shoot
1pm – Lunch
2pm – Post-Shoot Process
4pm – Workshop End

shane baker studios self portrait


Shane Baker

What To Bring

Day 1: Virtual

You’ll join via google meet on your laptop

Day 1: In-Person

Digital Camera
Lens with a focal length of 50mm or more
Photoshoot or Lightroom Or Capture One

What Is Provided?

Professional Models
Professional Hair + Makeup Team
Snacks, Beverages
Studio Location



Reserve Your Seat

  • 2-Day Workshop
    • Portfolio Review
    • Pre-shoot guide
    • Posing Demo with Model
    • Lighting and Directing guidance
    • Live shooting on location
    • High-end retouching tips
    • Snacks & beverages