Cinematic portraiture

Full day experiences start at $1,200
Half day experiences start at $700

Prices are for shoots that do not require commercial image licensing. Call for a commercial project quote: 480-269-4105

Let’s collaborate

You are looking for a portrait photographer that can create images that are uniquely you.  You want High Quality.  Professional. Creative. 

Hello, I’m Shane.  Your new photographer. 


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Shane Baker is amazing!! Being a photographer myself, I hired Shane Baker to update some of my headshots for marketing purposes. While I love being behind the camera, I HATE being in front of it!! Shane made is more than comfortable and was more than generous with his time. He produced THE BEST images that I have ever had of myself!! I can't begin to thank you Shane for your talent and professionalism!! Your a rock star!!
Jeff Watkins
Professional Wedding Photographer,
I feel awkward in front of cameras. Can you help me?

Congrats, you’ve just described 90% of my clients. Most people wonder what to do when they are standing in front of a camera. That’s why I’ll guide you with some very simple and clear posing ideas to help you look your best. 

I’ve never done a professional photoshoot before. How do I prepare? 

Don’t worry! I’ll send you a short list of ways to prepare for your photoshoot and all the details will be worked out beforehand.  If you need hair and makeup I have referrals for some of the top hair and makeup artists. 

I don’t have very many ideas. Is that ok?

I’ve got you covered. I help all my clients choose the best locations, the right wardrobe and the right concept for their shoot.  We’ll talk through your ideas beforehand and I’ll add some suggestions based on what I’ve seen work best.  I want to know what your goal for the images is. Then we’ll work backwards to figure out the rest.