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Become a Better Photographer In Just One Day

a full day workshop in Tempe, Arizona
only $199!
YES! Let's do this!

Date: Saturday, January 19th, 2019
Time: 10am – 5pm
Location: 132 E 6th St, Tempe, AZ 85281


This comprehensive, hands-on workshop is for the beginner and hobbyist that want to be a better photographer and want to do it in a fast and fun way. Even if you have little or no experience, this class will cover all the necessary basics to get you shooting better images.  Why would you wait months or years when you can be better in hours?

This workshop is designed to help you learn all the basics of creating professional looking photos. You will begin with a short orientation on what to expect for the day. 
You’ll then take out your camera and we’ll immediately start covering all the basic features of your DSLR camera and how to quickly make adjustments to your settings. During this portion you will learn how each adjustment effects your images. 
Then you’ll partner up and begin taking photos with the information covered. 
This process will be repeated throughout the duration of the workshop. You will learn new concepts and adjustments then you’ll quickly began applying them. 
After each shooting portion you will have a chance to review your images along with the others in the workshop to discuss the photos taken. You will share what worked for you and have an opportunity to discuss any challenges you experienced. You’ll then be given an immediate solution to your challenge and shown how to easily overcome it.
By the end of the workshop you  know how to overcome all the basic challenges you are currently experiencing. You will be a better photographer and a more confident photographer…guaranteed. 

Who is this workshop for?

This in-depth workshop is for anyone who is passionate about photography.  This is for new, hobbyist and intermediate photographers. Semi-pro and professional photographers may find better value in one of my advanced workshops.

The techniques you will learn will apply to a variety of photography genres. So whether you like to shoot people, animals, nature or events, you will benefit from this workshop.

What will you learn?
  • Learn what the most important features of your DSLR camera are and how to make adjustments to them
  • Learn how to shoot in manual and have full control over the look and feel of the photo you want to create.
  • Learn how to shoot great outdoor images in bad light and good light
  • Learn how to shoot great images indoors with artificial light
  • Learn basic composition rules that you can use to create more interesting photos
  • Learn simple editing techniques in lightroom and photoshop that will make your images “pop”
  • Learn how to draw attention to the areas in your photos that you want people to focus on 
  • Learn how to avoid mistakes that many photographers make
  • Learn how to discover your own style
  • Learn how to pose and guide people so you can create great looking images of anyone
  • And much more!
What’s included?
  • Snacks, cause who doesn’t love chocolate and fruit?
  • A Delicious Lunch to keep you from getting “hangry”
What are my requirements to participate?
  • Good energy 
  • Willingness to learn
  • A strong desire to improve your skills
  • A DSLR or mirrorless camera.  
  • A laptop with editing software for the editing portion of the workshop. We will be using photoshop and lightroom. I will show you how to get a free trial before the class if you do not have these programs. 
What do I need to bring?
  • Your DSLR or mirrorless camera
  • Laptop or easily portable desktop for the editing portion
  • Photoshop/Lightroom installed. Trial versions available if you do not own either program.
  • Clean SD or Compact flash card
  • A way to take notes
About the instructor:
  • I picked up my first camera in 2012.
  • A year and a half later I named the Phoenix Photographer of the Year.
  • I’ve been a full time photographer since 2015.
  • I am the resident fashion photographer at F.A.B.R.I.C. the only fashion incubator in all of AZ.

I believe that the more we share the more we receive. I am passionate about great photography and want to help others who want to improve.

Only $199!
YES! Let's do this!