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The Shane Baker Studios Brand

High quality and creative Architecture photography is crucial to the Shane Baker Studios experience. Whether it’s a rustic rental or an urban design luxury property, rich imagery will provide your clients with the desire to view each property in person. One photo, well composed and edited, can convey more than a page of text. 

Images can find a way to cross language barriers that words on a page simply can’t.

Images are so much more than just a step in the listing process; they have the power to speak volumes about your brand and what you stand for.

Creative and powerful images are the driving force behind the Shane Baker Studios brand. 

The photos you share online of your property should be more than a quick snapshot of a room or location. Remember, people are making a judgement about you,  your brand and your  property with the images you share. 

I believe that properties should be well lit, the images well composed and the colour balanced.  Done well, the viewer is compelled to stop and say “wow!”.

I want my images to empower you and your business. 

I believe that the purpose of great architecture photography is to inspire the viewer to take action.

Thank you for supporting this vision and helping me enhance my brand experience!

Telling the Story

With my images I can guide your potential clients through a property to create
the best possible impression of your offering.

You are hiring me to more effectively capture the attention of your audience so that you are able to find the right buyer.  To do this I create three types of images for your property:

1. Informative Images
2. Featuring Images
3. Atmospheric Images

Most photographers only deliver informative images. I create a more immersive experience for your viewers with the addition of Featuring and Atmospheric Images.

In the following pages, I will show you how I create visual stories that grab the attention of interested buyers and renters and draw them into your brand through each type of image.


Informative images are wide angle shots that contain an overview of the rooms and spaces. 
What is the flow of the place? Does it have their dream kitchen? Is there a fireplace? Does it have a pool?

Informative images will make up the bulk of the photos I create for you.  These will feature all the main areas and attractive spaces. 


Featuring images highlight features in the various rooms and spaces. For example:  rain showers, claw bathtubs, high end fixtures and luxury cabinets.

These images bring attention to features that are visible in the informative images but are worth highlighting because they can affect the viewers’ decision about the property.  Featuring images will add that extra layer of information and attention to detail when compared to the informative image.

All the Featuring images I capture will link back to an Informative Image.

Image Type: DETAIL

Detail images are closeup photos of the fine details in the various rooms and spaces that are unique. Imagine closeup shots of fabrics, textures of kitchen islands, and eye catching architectural details.  I shoot these to help tell the overall story of the space.

These images are taken to bring attention to that extra level of detail, ones that cannot be captured in informative or featuring images. This helps immerse the viewer into the space and gives them a visceral experience that most photographers don’t create when shooting properties. 

Have a project ? 480-269-4105

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Have a project ? 480-269-4105

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