These shoots are inside my home state of Arizona and require no more than a few hours travel

Locale Locations Series


Anticipated Month:Beginning Of July (7th or 14th)

Genre: Editorial/Beauty/Swimsuit

Concepts:¬†Tucked away in a small Arizona town is a waterfall that runs year round. On this shoot you’ll create swimsuit images inspired by lush landscapes and fertile lands.
You’ll also create images inspired by our deeper imaginations. Close your eyes. Imagine standing inside a cool waterfall. Green vines growing all around you and cool river water rushing by your feet. What did you see in your mind?¬† Did it have a fantasy inspired feel to it? Good… you’ll be creating images like that as well.

Must be in good physical shape and able to hike with a smile on your face the whole time!

Interested in joining me for this shoot at a small waterfall in northern Arizona? I would love to have one makeup artists, one-three models and one stylist  come out for this adventure.

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