This special underwater photoshoot is your chance to try modelling in one of the most challenging environments.  
All models who register will get an opportunity to slip beneath the surface and experience what it is like to shoot underwater.
I’ll have professional scuba instructor, Grant Myers and his wife on hand for safety. 
We will have drinks, light snacks and music. 
One by one, each model will have the opportunity to shoot with me underwater.
For those waiting on the surface, Mia Coss will be on hand to shoot fun swimwear shots while you wait. 

Who can come to this event?
This photoshoot is for anyone 18+ who wants to get in the water as a model. 
Women, Men, models, first-timers, etc. 

Can I come as a photographer or to just watch?
No.  This is not an open photoshoot set.  My team treats our shoots as a working set. It is not appropriate to bring friends and family who are not participating as models.  We want to keep the set safe and fun for everyone without worrying about extraneous people.
Please make proper arrangements if you need to be dropped off or find a babysitter.  

How much is this event?

I’ve never modelled underwater… should I still come?
Yes! This shoot is for anyone wanting to try underwater modeling.

How difficult is it?
It’s the most difficult type of modelling you may ever attempt. There is nothing you can do on land to prepare you for this experience. If you end up with a few good images on your first try you are very lucky. 

What do I need to bring? 

  1. Swimsuit or other outfit you want to try (If you have never done this before, avoid heavy outfits that will limit your movement. I can’t express enough how difficult it is to model in this environment).
  2. Towel
  3. Dry clothes for the ride home
  4. Sunscreen

How will this event work?

When you arrive at 4pm you will be checked in. 
We will have drinks and snacks to make sure you stay hydrated and energy for the shoot. We will do a short safety presentation. Then each attendee will enter the pool in a round robin fashion.  Those who are waiting on land can shoot with Mia.  After you leave the pool you can take a small break to rest before doing another session underwater. 

Do I need to do my hair and makeup?

No. If you choose to do makeup you might find some inspiration from this “mermaid” and her routine. 
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Where will this shoot be located?

The address will be shared with those who have completed registration. You’ll receive an email and a text the day of the shoot. 

The address is near Thunderbird and 7th street in the Moon Valley neighborhood of Phoenix. It is a private residence. To respect the privacy of the husband and wife who live there we will not be posting the address publicly. 

Underwater photography has always mesmerized me.  In 2009 I bought a book by Howard Schatz entitled “Water Dance”. At the time I painted portraits with acrylics and I was still 3 years away from picking up my first camera. 
Today I’ve laid aside the paint brush for the camera and I’ve dove into the underwater studio a handful of times since Howard Schatz inspired me all those years ago. 

The models who attend this event will receive copies of all their images, the good and the bad…how else do we learn?
After seeing the final images I hope to discover one or two models that I can invite back as muses for further underwater collaborations. 


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