Award winning photographer, Shane baker
is searching for one local model to join him for an underwater photoshoot on june 20th
The mood for this photoshoot:
soft.  feminine.  mysterious.
If chosen, you will be draped in long, flowy fabric
as you float just beneath the surface for an ethereal look
the model: 
– dancer body physique
-tattoos are ok
– smooth, Unblemished complexion

the details: 
location: scottsdale private pool
time: 12pm-2pm
wardrobe provided
we will do a fitting prior to the shoot
2 female assistants will be helping


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After filling out this form you will notified via email or text if you are chosen for this art project.

If you are not selected for this shoot, I will be hosting a group underwater event for models at a later date that you can join.

Thank you!

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