I struggled for years to grow my Instagram.  It seemed like everyone else was having massive success and I wasn’t. 
Everything I tried just frustrated me and I gave up on having a successful Instagram account. 

About a year went by and I thought I would try it try it again. I kept seeing businesses just like mine having great success on Instagram and I wanted the same thing because I knew it could help my business. 

So I slowly started to post again. I began liking and commenting every day and noticed that my account was starting to slowly grow.  I discovered that if I engaged with other highly engaged accounts I would see many of those people like and comment back on my posts. And these weren’t just any users. These were people in my industry. I even started getting messages asking to hire me. I was excited again! 

I committed myself to engaging every single day with the RIGHT users and my account started to sky rocket.  In a year I had added thousands of real followers and had booked over $40,000 in business! 
One day I was sharing my experience with one of my photography clients. She told me how she was paying a few hundred dollars a month to a company but she wasn’t seeing any real results and she was frustrated. 

I told her what I was doing. It was simple enough she just didn’t have the time to do it for herself. I offered to do it for her. She’s a good friend and a client so I promised her that if it didn’t work I would refund her money back to her. She smiled and agreed. In less than a month I had tripled her engagement rate and she added over 400 real followers from people interested in her business! 
It worked for me. It worked for her. And I’m suggesting that this could work for you. I’ll even offer you the same deal I offered her. If your engagement doesn’t grow I’ll refund your money.  Because the world would be so much better if we all were paid for results rather than simply talking a good game.

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