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How to not suck at the business of photography

a full day workshop in Phoenix, Arizona

Don’t live in AZ but still want to join? Let me know when you sign up and we’ll broadcast you in via Google Hangouts! 

2 hours of studio time at Ustudios ($70 value)

Date: Saturday, January 13th
Time: 11am – 6pm
Location: Ustudios 
734 W Polk
Phoenix, AZ 85007


Are your photography skills better than your business skills?  Do you feel frustrated when your bank account doesn’t match your effort?  

Leave your camera’s at home because this workshop is 100% focused on the business of photography! 

Who is this workshop for?

This in-depth workshop is for photographers who are sick and tired of struggling. It’s for photographers who are tired of spinning their wheels and wishing they were earning more income.  This is for photographers who are tired of advice from people who’ve never built a business. This is for photographers who want a plain, no nonsense guide to building a solid foundation for their photography business. 

What will you learn?
  • Are you tired of competing with all those other cheap photographers? Learn how to increase your pricing without losing clients.
  • Do you struggle with social media? Learn simple things to improve your results.
  • Do you wish you had an assistant? Learn when to hire your first assistant and how you should do it.
  • Do you take anything that comes your way? Learn how to stop hoping for business and attract the type of clients you want.
  • Can you remember the names, phone numbers and emails of everyone who expressed an interest in your photography? Learn how to create and manage your database to increase your profits.
  • Does your website create business for you or is it a glorified business card? Learn how to make your website profitable.
  • Are you struggling with SEO? Learn simple techniques to improve your rankings.
  • and more!
What’s included?
  • Lunch
  • Handouts
  • Certificate of Completion
  • One, Two and Three month business check up.
What are my requirements to participate?
  • A strong desire to learn the business of photography
  • A good attitude
  • A laptop or computer
About the instructor:

Shane Baker started photography in 2012. In 2013 he was named the Phoenix Photographer of the Year. In 2015 he began shooting as a full-time professional. He is the founder of the only team based group for Arizona photographers, models, makeup artists, stylist and designers and he is now the Director and Resident Photographer of Ustudios, a 10,000 square foot creative space in downtown Phoenix. 

Shane Baker Studios is an award winning photographer based in Chandler, Arizona. His work includes portrait, fashion, bridal, wedding, real estate and small business branding.