A Creative Photographer


If you are a model or dancer and would like to collaborate fill out the form below.   

As a full-time professional photographer, most of my shoots are for clients. But I am always interested in meeting new faces and collaborating on fresh ideas.  

Because of time constraints, I can’t say yes to everyone and every idea but I’d like to encourage you to reach out. 

Thank you,




  1. Do you collaborate with both men and women? Yes
  2. Do you shoot with people who’ve never modeled before? Yes
  3. Do you have a professional studio to shoot in? Yes
  4. Do you shoot on location? Yes
  5. Do you submit your images for publication? Yes
  6. Do you have projects that you’re working on for gallery shows? Yes


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This comprehensive, hands-on workshop is for beginners and intermediate photographers who want to take control of their camera, take better images and learn the basics of making money with photography.  Even if you have little or no experience, this class will cover all the necessary basics to get you shooting better images within a day and give you some simple strategies to make money with your photography.

Shane Baker Studios is an award winning photographer based in Chandler, Arizona. His work includes portrait, fashion, bridal, wedding, real estate and small business branding.