blonde girl

“Shane, we want you…”

“Shane, we want you to do the PnuMix product images.
Can you help find models for the shoot?”

“I’ve got you.”

Models are often an underappreciated part of the industry here in Arizona.

So as often as I can, I promote and connect models to opportunities for my client shoots.

If you have ever shot with me as a model or have filled out a casting call online on my website you are being put forward as an option whenever my clients ask.

Model: @‌syd_liana_

Pnumix promo shoot : @‌pnumix
Photographer: @‌shanebakerstudios
Location : @‌tatumpools Pnümix
Location: @‌tatumpools
Assistants:@‌houseofvisuals @‌ur_friend_lime and Donna

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