woman in water

I may have to…

I may have to start offering pool portrait sessions…WOW!

A successful photoshoot isn’t just about the photographer.

Without Destany this would just be an image of pool water.

Without Corey’s makeup skill, the lighting and editing would be much more challenging.

Without Brittany and Tiera I would have needed to use a blowup inflatable pool.

Without my girlfriend Sydney helping me adjust lighting, switch lenses, operate the fog machine, and more…I couldn’t accomplish as much as I do.

Acknowledge others who make what you do possible.

Photography: http://shanebakerstudios.com
Assistant: @‌sydney.beanz
Model: @‌destany_savannah
Makeup Artist: @‌coreyegge
Location provided by Brittany and Tiera at their vacation rental: The Cohost Co.

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